They Say Women May Feel Itchy Down There Because Of...

Feeling itchy on a woman's genital area is disturbing. One may immediately think that she has a vaginal cancer. Don’t fret right away. Many gynaecologists advises to monitor first the symptoms before storming out to the nearest clinic This is to get the exact diagnosis according to the symptoms projected.

But if the itchiness lasts for more than three days and there are bleedings involved, do not hesitate to rush to your doctor instantly.

You may feel itch or irritation down there because of:

  • Shaved hair. Some women shaved their pubic hair because it does not only look pleasant, but feels smooth too. But when it grows back, it feels itchy. Try trimming instead of shaving, or having a bikini wax.

  • Changes in hormones. Most common in postmenopausal women, drops in estrogen hormone makes the vagina lining thin that causes itchiness. Some doctors prescribed vaginal estrogen cream or tablet to treat this.

  • Yeast infection. This infection is common among women that causes extreme itchiness with an odorless thick, white discharge. It is better to see a doctor than going with self-medication.

  • Vaginal irritation. May be caused by wearing synthetic underwear, scented panty liners or too much/daily use of it, use of scented soap or feminine wash. Instead, wear cotton underwears and use clean water and mild soap to clean down there.

  • Bacterial vaginosis (BV). With same symptoms as of yeast infection, BV’s difference is that it gives off foul-smelling discharge that makes the vagina itch. Be keen on observing the signs so your OB-Gyne won’t mistake it to yeast infection only.

  • Trichomoniasis. Caused by the parasite Trichomonas vaginalis, this is the most common sexually transmitted infection. Its symptoms include itching, burning, change in discharge or external white cracking in the skin. If tested positive, both sexual partners must undergo the treatment, which is by taking antibiotics.

  • Herpes. Also known as genital herpes, this is the most common sexually transmitted disease caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV). Blisters in the genital area, itching or tingling, pain from urine passing over the sores, and burning sensation on the skin are some of the symptoms of the disease.

Take note of the signs and symptoms for each infection which are possible causes of vaginal itchiness. These will help you and your doctor identify the right diagnosis and medication.


 Published at: 08/08/2016